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What is there to do in Halifax?

The answer to that question depends on what you are looking for.
If you are a local and you are looking for things to do in Halifax, it is a totally different question to those people who are in Halifax on a business trip and are looking for things to do.  If you are a university student and you are planning on coming to Halifax, you are looking for things to do in the winter and fall, and if you are coming in off of a cruise ship you are looking for something totally different once again.

Depending on your reasons, this will dictate what you are looking to do in Halifax. =

I was a tour guide for both Harbour Hopper and Gray Line tours, as well as a representative for the Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Brewery.  In all of these situations I had people asking me questions about the things to do in Halifax.

This site is a collection of a lot of different information, including the places to go, places to eat (and drink) and best photo spots in Halifax.

If you have some events coming up or some stories to share, please feel free to email them along and I would be happy to post them on the site, and through the twitter and instagram feeds.

Have fun with all the things to do.



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