Welcome to Halifax!

This post is for the University students who are just starting here in Halifax and all of the things that you can be doing while you are here!


It doesn’t matter if you are living on campus or off, there are plenty of opportunities for things to do and experience while you are there.

  • Societies – Societies are one of the first places to check out while you are on campus.  Normally there are different groups to join for everything from school spirit right through to helping with your school major.
  • Campus Intramurals – If you want to join some teams, all of the Universities have their own campus intramural programs. No matter if you are looking for highly competitive or you are looking for something that is just for fun, your university has something for you.
  • Campus “activities” – There are plenty of events that your campus puts together you just need to keep your eyes out for it.

Off Campus

There are plenty of things to do in Halifax off campus. And no, not just bars (but they are also pretty fun to)

  • Saturday morning farmers market – the farmers market runs from 7am – 3pm.  It is a place that everyone who lives on the Halifax side should really visit at some point.
  • Spring Garden Road Library – The Spring Garden Library was known as one of the best new buildings in the world at one point.  There are two Pavia Coffee shops in the Library, one on the fifth floor and one on the first floor.  I highly recommend dropping by and studying there, its well worth it.
  • Take a ride to Dartmouth – There is a ferry service that runs from the Halifax waterfront over to Dartmouth.  It is well worth the trip.  You should hop on and head to Dartmouth and take a walk through the downtown core, there are plenty of shops / places to go.
  • Jump on the bus – while you are a student in Halifax, you most likely have a “U-Pass” bus pass.  There is something freeing to decide to head to a different part of the city and check out what is there.  With the U-Pass you can do just that.
  • Halifax Mooseheads – the Halifax Mooseheads play from September until March or later.  With your student ID you get a wicked deal on tickets.  Head to halifaxmooseheads.ca and you will be able to see your ticket prices.