Barrington Street

Barrington Street

Barrington street is one of the major old streets of halifax. Originally this was the major shopping street, where there was once all stores in this area and many of the major events in Halifax all happened on this street. Today it is still a major shopping area and it also leads you to the original burial ground in Halifax. The Governor Generals house can be found here, as well as a few of the older bars and pubs. You will also find one of the major grocery stores here on this road as well.

Delta Barrington

On the right hand side you will see the “Barrington Place Shops” which are actually attached to the Delta Halifax and Scotia Square through the pedway system. Also on the right hand side you will see the bus stop where many of the different buses go to Dartmouth and out of the downtown core.

The Delta Barrington and Delta Halifax are great places to stay if you are working in the downtown core and if you are visiting for any sporting events in the Scotiabank Centre also known as the Halifax Metro Centre.

Duke and Barrington

The corner of Duke and Barrington is a corner which is a very historic one to say the least. When looking at this corner, you will notice that it was once one of the main streets in Halifax. Currently today, the street combos as a way from the waterfront up to the top of citadel hill. On the right hand side you will see Scotia Square mall and on the left side you will see the Delta Barrington Hotel.

CIBC (left) / City Hall (Right)

On the Left hand side of the street you will see the CIBC Building, this is one of the many banks in the banking district of downtown Halifax, if you are in town on one of the cruise ships this is one of the most invaluable places that you will want to go to.

On the right hand side you will see the back door of City Hall. City Hall is one of the most interesting buildings that we have in the downtown core. It has always been a place of law, once upon a time down in the basement of city hall, it was also the jail cells for the old town of Halifax. (you will see this better in the next picture)

Grand Parade

The Grand Parade (Parade Square) is one of the most important landmarks in Downtown Halifax. Parade Square as it is known holds the first building that was constructed in Halifax.

On the right hand side of the Grand Parade (if you are looking up the hill at the old town clock pictured here), is St. Pauls Church. St. Pauls was the first building that was built in downtown Halifax, even before they started on the famous citadel (at the top of the hill) they started working on the plans for the church.

The idea for the city of Halifax was that it was going to be only 6 streets high and six streets wide in total and that would be all that they would ever need. This however turned out to be very false as you can see today.

Left Side Barrington Street

On the Left hand side of Barrington you will see many different shops overall, in one of these stores is the Freak Lunchbox. The Lunchbox is one of the most unique Candy stores that you will ever find in Halifax or anywhere else for that matter. It is highly recommended that you head in there for your sweet tooth.

Prince and Barrington

The Corner of Prince and Barrington is a very historic corner, it is the back half of St. Pauls anglican church, however it was also once a street that was directly in the centre of town. If you were to walk Prince Street from Lower Water up to the top of the hill, you would find that it is a very difficult path indeed. All in this area you will find the Legislature building, many bookstores and shops and services as well as plenty of places to grab something quick for a bite to eat.

On the left hand side of Barrington street you will see the following: Government building, Certainly Cinnamon, Momoya (Japanese food), United Bookstore (used books), Little Mysteries, and an open space which is for rent, then on to Vouge Optical.

Sackville and Barrington

The area between Sackville and Barrington house some of the much older buildings of the downtown core, as you are passing through this area take a minute to stop and look up to the tops of the buildings where you will be able to see many of the dates of the buildings when they were erected.

Also, if you are looking for a bit of history, take a walk down to the waterfront from here and you will find the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic which is a great place for you to be able to find your history about the City of Halifax.

When you are walking between Barrington and Sackville you will see on your left hand side, a great place to take kids, this is the Discovery Centre. The Discovery Centre will give you the opportunity to explore Science in a fun manner. Also on the Left hand side you will see Travel Cuts, this is a place where locals as well as travelers of all kinds can go to get their travel needs looked at.

Continuing on the left hand side you will also come across the school for entertainment, and then a place for your smoking needs if you need it. From

Continuing along here, you will also find a fantastic hand made jewelry store.

Blowers and Barrington

Contrary to popular belief, this was not the end of the old town of Halifax. This indeed was a place where many of the citizens originally lived in Halifax. Now, this was getting closer to the end of the fortified town, however it was a safe place for folks to live. In this area today you will find a few interesting shops and places to go. Also if you are someone who likes to hike you will want to head down around the corner of salter and the Mountain Equipment Co Op can be found there.

Old Burying Ground

The old burying ground in Halifax was set up just outside the original town gates from the South. The Wall that you are seeing today was where the original wall was for the old town of Halifax. On the corner of the burial grounds was an actual gate that people used to go through to get into the town of Halifax.

The interesting part of the old burial ground of Halifax is that originally it was for all denominations of faith, and over the years tens of thousands of people were buried there. This is one thing that you would not know by walking through the burial ground. There were approx. 12000 people that were buried here over the years that it was open. This is an interesting place to walk through, however the gates are not open year round, they are usually only through the spring and summer months.

Bishop and Barrington Street

Bishop Street was once known as Wallace Street, and when you look on the right hand side of the street (heading towards pier 21) you will see the cannon sticking out of the ground.  This cannon was the outer marker of Halifax at one point, this is still sticking out of the ground, and when you look on the wall, you will see the words Wallace Street.  He was the old owner of the building on the corner.


Daltech is on the right hand side of the street.  This was once known as the Technical University of Nova Scotia or Tuns for short.  This is where the best engineering students in Nova Scotia go to learn their trades and craft.

Morris and Barrington

Once you get to the corner of Morris and Barrington you have a couple of choices.  You can head down to the waterfront where you can have a great walk.  If you head down you will also find a great place to see some of the older buildings in Halifax.