Cogswell Street

Cogswell street and the interchange are the two areas that are very hot spots in Halifax.  The idea was in the 1950s the downtown core was going to go through a major restructure.  Part of the restructuring process was going to have a major highway all through the downtown core of Halifax making it better and easier for the transport of products to and from the dockyard.

The interchange brought forth the idea of changes.  Lucky for the people of Halifax they were able to stop the highway from happening, but this has left the large interchange that does not really need to be there.

There are some changes coming on the waterfront area and changing out the interchange is a part of that plan.

Once you get on Cogswell street (sometimes from Barrington, sometimes from Brunswick) you will be heading across the peninsula to the other parts of Halifax.

On your right hand side you will see a Staples in the downtown core, and on your left you will see the Police Station.  Hopefully you will not need to find yourself there for any reason.

As you pass through Gottigen you will be heading towards the Halifax commons.  On your right hand side you will see some older homes in Halifax, and on your far left you will see the other side of citadel hill.

You will then see that Cogswell street leads you into a round about in that area. Once you head through the round about the street then turns into Quinpool road.