George Street

George street is one of the most interesting roads that we have in Halifax. Many thousands of commuters use George Street as their main ways into the city Daily. This is because at the base of the hill you will see the Halifax Dartmouth Ferry Terminal. The Ferry in Halifax started in 1751 and has continued since then. For over a hundred years the only way to get across the harbour would be through the Ferry System. Today if you decide to go and take the ferry to Dartmouth, it will cost you $2.25 however that is for a transfer to take you both ways and so it is a very economical way to see the city scape from the water.

As you start the hike up George Street you will see that you will be walking straight through the banking district of Halifax. On your Left hand side as you are heading up the hill you will see the Legislature building and on your right hand side you will see the main banks, the Bank of Montreal, the Royal Bank, as well as the back entrance to the CIBC, and on the corner of Barrington and George you will see the TD bank.

George Street

As you come out of the ferry terminal area, you are on the corner of George and Lower Water Street. In this area you will see Perks which is one of the busiest coffee shops in Halifax during the early mornings and during the late afternoons while people are heading to and from work from the Dartmouth side of the Harbour.

George and Hollis

On this corner you will see on your right hand side, the Bank of Montreal, the Royal Bank and on the right hand side you will see the corner of the Legislature. The Legislature building was originally the place where you would have found the Governor Generals house, however as the city grew the Governor General moved down to a new house that covers the block between Barrington and Hollis Streets as well as Bishops (Wallace Street).

George and Granville

The Corner of Granville and George is a very interesting place to look down. The large granite building that is here on your right hand side is the old CIBC bank, today if you head inside it is currently the Elephant and Castle restaurant, a great place to grab a bite to eat. Also if you look straight down Granville you will see the old way the city used to look. See Granville Street for more info on this. As you head up George you will find that you will come directly into the Grand Parade. This is the old city centre of Halifax.

George and Barrington (The Grand Parade)

Once you reach the corner of Barrington and George you will come across a very interesting site, this is that the road seems to be stopped by a large open area. This open area is the Grand Parade. On the left hand side of the Grand Parade you will find St. Pauls Church, which was the first building that was built in Halifax, and on the right hand side you will see what was once the law courts but today is City Hall.