Granville Street

Granville Street

Granville Street is one of the most unique streets in the downtown core, you would not know it coming from Salter, however on your right hand side you will see one of the very few parking garages in the downtown core. As you continue along you will find on your right hand side Mountain Equipment Co-Op.

Mountain Equipment Co-Op

Mountain Equipment Co-Op is one of the best places to go if you are looking for anything to do for the outdoors, now with this being said you have to be a member to buy from there, however the cost of this is only $5.00 per year and it is well worth it

Granville continued

As you continue down on your left hand side you will come across the Technical Institute, this is where you will be able to go and learn how to do animation and effects, this is an excellent school. The ironic part of it is that it is actually housed in the old movie theater off of barrington street.

Granville and Sackville Street

On the corner of Sackville and Granville you will see on your right the Mongolian Grill. This is one of the most unique dining experiences in Halifax as this is where you will have your food weighed if you are purchasing here. It is a very different experience.

On your left hand side you will find a very small little type of mall and in this mall you will find a flower shop which is an excellent place to grab some gifts if need be.

Prince and Granville streets

The area that you are coming up on in here is the Government part of town, the buildings on both your right and left hand sides are mostly all government offices, the government of Nova Scotia are all set up in these buildings as the government house is on your right hand side off in the distance.

Granville Banking District

The area that you are coming into right now has always been the banking district in Halifax. The large building on your right hand side was once the home of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (the CIBC) a number of years ago the CIBC had a new building built on the left hand side and this is what you are seeing here today. The building here on your right is now the Elephant and Castle which is a well known establishment throughout the world. As you continue along you will also see on your right hand side the back end of the Royal Bank building.

Old Granville Street

As you get closer to this area you will notice that is very different than any other area in Halifax, the street stops to traffic and it is only pedestrians who are allowed here. This is the Granville Street that many people know and love. The street itself was set up to be a reminder of how Halifax would have used to be, with large stones for walking on and a few shops with their windows pointing out to the street. It is a favorite place for many people to end up in the summer time, as there are a few bars and pubs here which do fairly well for themselves. They also have some outstanding patios during those summer months.