Morris Street

When walking up Morris Street it is one of the most historical in Halifax. If you are walking from Pier 21 you will find that Morris is one of the smallest hills that we have to walk on the way uptown towards the Spring Garden Shopping District and the Citadel.

Morris and Queen

On the right hand side here you see the Wired Monk, this is a great little coffee shop which has internet access for free if you are a paying customer. Directly across the street (not pictured here) is the newest apartment building in the downtown core.

On the left of Morris and Hollis (across the street) you will see the offices of the Landmark Hospitality group this group runs many successful restaruants in the downtown core.

The building on the right hand side is a combination of offices and apartment buildings.

Haliburton House Inn

On the left hand side you will see the Haliburton House Inn which is one of the oldest and best places to stay in Halifax.

The Haliburton was built in 1809 as the home of Sir Brenton Haliburton, the first Chief Justic of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. From 1885 to 1887, the building served as Dalhousie University’s prestigious law school.

Morris and Barrington

When on the corner of Morris and Barrington you have a few different options while walking Halifax. If you are looking for the historic part of town you will find it if you head right and towards the old burying ground in Halifax, if you continue to head up Morris you will see some different archetecture, however depending on what you want to do in Halifax there are numerous routes. If you are looking to shop you can go straight up Morris and make a right hand turn on Queen to take you to Spring Garden. If you are looking for “history” take a right and go towards the old burial ground. If you need supplies (groceries etc) head to your left and down to the Superstore.

Morris and Queen

As you walked up Morris you would have seen on your right hand side that this area is full of Dalhousie University signs. Dalhousie has branched out over the past number of years to take over many of the different smaller campuses of other universities. On your right hand side you will see the Engineering departments of Dalhousie.

Morris and Barrington

As you continue to walk up Morris Street you will then come across a Chinese food place.

Morris and South Park Street

The corner of Morris and South Park is where you start to come into the hospital and University district. In this area you will see on your left hand side, numerous Halifax Hospitals. If you continue up you will find yourself on University Avenue.

If you take a right hand turn onto South Park Street you will find yourself heading towards the Halifax Public Gardens.


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