Prince Street

The foot of Prince Street starts at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, and if you were to actually go into the parking lot, this is where one of the most famous tours in Halifax starts. The Harbour Hopper Leaves from the Parking lot here at the bottom of the hill and goes throughout the old town of Halifax and on a very different type of tour.

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is a great place to go if you are looking for more information on the history of the Atlantic Ocean overall.  You can head in and then make a trip through to see all of the history.  There is also a piece of the museum which is set up to tell the story of the Titanic and the history with Halifax.

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Strange Adventures is a comic book shop at the bottom of Prince street, if you head in you will find a large array of comics, games and oddities.  If you are comic nerd at all, this is the place you need to hit in Halifax.

McKelvies is a great place for fish and a nice meal in Halifax, when you are heading up Prince you will see on your left hand side you will see the entrance to McKelvies.  If you head in you won’t be disappointed.

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On your right hand side you will be passing by one of the first post offices in Canada and the first real one in Nova Scotia.  If you ever get a chance to go in you will see how the old system worked and looked in Halifax.

The Old Triangle

On the left hand side you will also see the entrance to the Old Triangle in Halifax.  The Old Triangle is an old style Irish Pub in Halifax.  If you are heading in one of my favorites is the “Ploughman’s Lunch” it is a fantastic mix for you to try.



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